Dzhabar Askerov (Dubai Fight Academy) won famous Byelorussian fighter

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On 23 of August the small town of Belorechensk in Krasnodar region, Russia was blown by an outstanding sport event organized by local municipality. These were so called “No Hold Bared” fights. Two fighters from Dubai Dzhabar Askerov and Abdallah Abu Hamdan took park in this competition. Their trip to Russia was sponsored by Creative Concepts real estate agency. Among purely business activities as developing and selling property in Dubai this real estate is also taking care of social activities by supporting sport clubs and professional fighters.

Dzhabar defeated notorious Byelorussian fighter Vasiliy Shish by submission in the first round. Abdellah Abu Hamdan from Dubai had had a hard fight with Alexei “Gladiator” Gonchar from Ukraine. Although the takedowns and submission were allowed in this fight the fighters did not wrestle, instead of this they came on they were exchanging punches for 9 minutes.

The strikes of the Ukrainian fighter were more precise and eventually Abdellah was floored in the end of the first round and referee has stopped the fight. After the fight Alexei agreed for match revenge with Abdellah any time in any country. Now the fighters are on there way back to Dubai where they will start their preparation for next fights which are scheduled for October. .