Askerov on S-cup World

Friday, August 29, 2008

After the big succes in Rosmalen last November 2007, Shootboxing Europe is organizing the S-Cup Europe together with the well know East Side Promotions. 8 fighters of 8 different European countries will fight each other to win and qualify for the S-cup World, which will be held in Tokyo Japan on the 24th of November 2008.


8 European fighters will fight in the tournament. There will be only one winner. The participants are:

Denis Schneidmiller (Germany), Abdallah Mabel (France), Rick Barnhill (England), Malik Mangouchi (France), Chris Venrooij (NL), Rudolf Durica (Slovakia) Dzhabar, Askerov (Russia), Joakim (yuka) Karlsson (Swe), Marco Pique (NL), Luis Reiz (Por) .

Besides the S-Cup Europe there will be more fights to enjoy; Ruben van der Giesen will fight Christian Di Paolo for the WPKL European Title and Gerold Swaane will fight his retirement fight against ‘Belgian Bull’ Jan van Denderen. Of course there will be a lot of Local Heroes who will fight each other to make this a fight night you won’t forget.

Presale tickets cost €25,-. On the night of the event, tickets at the door will be €30,-.

Dzhabar Askerov on Evolution 14

Monday, June 9, 2008

Evolution 14 explodes once again at The Sleeman Centre in Chandler. Mark the diary for September 6th because Evolution Promotions is bringing the who’s who of World Thai Boxing Champions to Brisbane for the biggest and best show ever. Australia’s best fighters have been smashing anything man or pad in preparation to take on big hitters from around the world.

Fresh from the fame of fortune of the most watched reality television show ever created, ‘The Contender’, currently airing on Foxtel. The best 72kg fighters from around the world are out to prove they have what it takes to rule this sport.

The main event is set, World Champion John Wayne Parr taking on the King’s Cup semi-finalist Dzhabar Askerov. These two phenomenal warriors where crowd favorites of ‘The Contender’ and Dzhabar is looking to destroy our Aussie hero before the final bell. See the best of the rest of ‘The Contender’ house when Preacher takes on Sean Wright, Aussie Eli ‘Mad dog’ Madigan throws down against Swiss brawler Zidov. Crowd favorite and Intercontinental Champion Soren Monkongtong makes his much anticipated return to Evolution after almost a year fighting and training in Thailand.

And if all that wasn’t enough; World Champion Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett will unleash his trademark elbow destruction and Dane Daddy Kool is guaranteed to put on a pimptastic display both inside and outside the ring.

Dzhabar Askerov on Rumble Of The Kings

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

K-1 Scandinavia / Rumble of the kings 2008 Rumle of the kings / K-1 Scandinavia is probably the second largest K-1 event in Europé. It's been held in about 5 consecutive years and usually serves as a qualification tournament to either the K-1 Max or WGP events.

Superfight: Yodsaenklai Fairtex vs. Levin Artem Being a WMC world title fight, the fight is introduced with both nationalities national anthem. WMC is the biggest and most acknowledged thai boxing organization in the world. Before the fight both fighters dance the traditional Kru Muay.

Also presented was the Beautiful Boxer, Nong Tum Fairtex Nong vs Pernilla Johansson.

Results of the Quarerfinals and other fights are as follows:

Elias Daniel vs. Joakim Carlsson
Winner Joakim Carlsson

Mattias Karlsson vs. Marcus Öberg
Winner Marcus Öberg

Dzhabar Askerov vs. Jordan Tai Winner Dzhabar Askerov

Marco Pique vs. Bruce Mcfie
Winner Marco Pique

Final: Marcus Öberg vs. Dzhabar Askerov Swedens hope to be in the international K-1 circus 2009 stands and falls with Marcus Öberg. Dzhabar seemed really strong in the earlier fights, but the cut above his eye migh pose a problem.

Round 1
1 minute in to the fight Dzhabar is bleeding a bit, but Dzhabar has already showed that he's not to play with. Both fighters deliver a good fight and keep calm. The fight is stopped so Dzhabars cut can be taken care of. Towards the end of the round Dzhabar seem to get tired, and Marcus probably won the round.

Round 2
In the beginning of the round the Swedish crowd yells Dzhabar, somewhat surprisingly. Marcus holds a tight guard against Dzhabars punches, and lands some god knees and kicks. Marcus probably won this round too.

Round 3
Both fightes come out hard but a minute into the fight the match is stopped, Dzhabar is bleeding to much. None of the fighters seem happy about it, but Dzhabar is crying and throws Marcus off him when Marcus tries to comfort him.

Swedish Marcus Öberg (Mamas boy for you who saw the pre fight interviews) is in the K-1 Max Final 16 and the Contender Muay Thai!

Semifinal: Dzhabar Askerov vs. Marco Pique Entering the ring Marco seem relaxed and self assured, Dzhabar seem focused.

Round 1
Both fighters come out focused delivering hard techniques. Marco is longer and has a better reach. In the middle of the round Dzhabar is beginning to get a bit mad for some techniques thtat Marco delivers good. Dzhabar catches Marcos front kick and sends him flying for the floor. At the end of the round Dzhabar seem to be a bit more in control of the fight.

Round 2
Both fighters have increased the tempo, delivering a good fight. This is also an even fight between two skilled fighters exchanging hard techniques. It's a good round, but it's hard to say so much about it.

Round 3
The third round looks much like the other rounds. Towards the middle of the round both fighters increase the tempo, knowing the need to assure a win. A time out gives the fighters some room to breath while Dzhabar is being patched somewhere around the eye. The last minute must become explosive!

Now it's a frenzy, Dzhabar almost pushes Mrco out of the ring, he's stressed about his bleeding eye and wants to end the fight. It will be another fight hard to judge. It's draw and a fourth round will take place.
Dzhabar may have a problem with his cut around the eye.

Round 4
Both fighters are tired but give all that they can. Aftera a sweep that sends both fighters to the floor the fight almost continues MMA-style. Dzhabars eye is being wiped again. Towards the end of the round Dzhabar lands a hard spinning punch, possibly giving him the win.

Dzhabar is announced the winner, the cut above his eye might strongly affect him in the final though. But as Dzhabar says after the fight "I don't care, I'm not a girl!".

Dzhabar Askerov

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dzahabar AKA"Genghis Khan" is another Russian fighter out of the Skorpian Gym. Like Magomedov he's been living and training out of Bangkok for sometime. He currently represents the Rompo Gym. He's got a 22-11 record, some of his notable wins have were against Jomhod and Ratannanoi Sityodtong.

Personal Information

  • Name: Dzhabar Askerov
  • Country: Russia
  • Date of Birth: Jan 24,1986
  • Gym: Rompo Gym Bangkok


  • Fights: 41
  • Wins: 32
  • Losses: 10
  • Draw: 1
  • Ko's: 14

: ,

16 fighters of the Contender Asia 2008 including Dzhabar Askerov

Sunday, December 2, 2007

16 fighters of the Contender Asia 2008. 16 fighters from 12 countries. The more detail about each fighters will be available soon. Here we go:

  1. Alain Sylvestre from Canada
  2. Bruce Macfie from Australia
  3. David Pacquette from England
  4. Dzhabar Askerov from United Arab Emirates
  5. James Martinez from USA
  6. John Wayne Parr from Australia
  7. Naruepol Fairtex from Thailand
  8. Jose Pitu Sans from Spain
  9. Rafik Bakkouri from France
  10. Sean Wright from Scotland
  11. Soren Mongkontong from Australia
  12. Trevor Smandych from Canada
  13. Yodsaenklai from Thailand
  14. “Yukay” Joakim Karlsson from Sweden
  15. Zig Zach from Singapore
  16. Zidov Dominik from Switzerland

Vagif Abdullaev training with Dzhabar Askerov

Friday, August 17, 2007

On August 17, 2007 promising young Russian boxer - Vagif Abdullaev, who is now training in Bangkok (Thailand) with Dzhabar Askerov and Abdulamalik Gadzhiev, is going to fight his first fight on the professional ring in Teheran, Iran. The Afrasiba Stadium in Tehran will be the venue for the biggest Muaythai event ever staged in the region as fighters from five continents take on the national Iranian team on August 17th.

Vagif will fight against Iranian fighter under K-1 rules - 3 rounds of 3 minutes duration, elbows are not allowed. Although this is his first professional bout, Vagif has some good achievements in amateur kickboxing. He has been few times Russian amateur kickboxing champion. He also became European kickboxing champion (WPKA), in 2005 in Athens (Greece) and won 1st place in two weight categories on international kickboxing competition “Game of Fight” in 2006, Tiel (Netherlands). Since August 2007 Vagif's sport career managed by Dubai Fight Academy.

According to information from Iranian organizers his opponent - Hassan Ali Mohammadi has 65 amateur fights, 53 wins, 12 losses. Hassan has been many times Iranian amateur kickboxing champion. In 2002 he became Asian amateur kickboxing champion (WPKA), Kyrgizstan. In 2004 he won all-Iranian kickboxing tournament “Best of The Best”.

Organised under the Iranian Government and sanctioned by the Martial Arts Federation of Iran, the World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, the event will be telecasted internationally, showing the world the beauty, friendship and sportsmanship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Dzhabar (Chengiskhan) Askerov and Abdulmalik (Sultan) Gadzhiev signed contracts with Dubai Fight Academy

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Today, in Bangkok two, well known in Muaythai circles, fighters - Dzhabar (Chengiskhan) Askerov and Abdulmalik (Sultan) Gadzhiev signed long term Management Agreements with Dubai Fight Academy.

According to these agreements Dubai Fight Academy becomes exclusive representative of these fighters throughout the world in connection with professional fights. Both fighters are living and training at Rompo Gym (Bangkok, Thailand), but since now certain period in the year they will be training at Fight Academy Gym in United Arab Emirates.

Also these two athletes will fight in Dubai on next “War on the Shore” Muaythai event, which is planned for September-October 2007. This agreement with Dubai Fight Academy will not influence however Dzhabar’s participation in the Contender Muaythai, which will soon start in Singapore